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Once passing the ripe ole’ age of 50 and having lost his children earlier in life, Greg was searching for a way to make an impact and help others. He wanted to leave a legacy. That’s when he decided to strive for a goal of helping ONE MILLION people reach their real estate endeavors. Through hard work and dedication, Greg has seen real estate give him not only financial freedom but also the freedom to travel and live life to its fullest. And now, he wants to leave a legacy by helping you achieve your real estate dreams!

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Meet Greg

From McDonald’s to Millionaire

Greg knew he wanted to be a real estate investor as a teenager attending his first real estate conference at the age of 19 in 1986. His goal was to become a millionaire. Unfortunately things didn’t immediately work out the way he wanted and it wasn’t until 1999 when he, along with his wife Kim, acquired their first rental property. He was all in by 2002 leaving corporate America to pursue real estate full time. With focus, dedication, and action he was able to achieve his teenage goal of becoming a millionaire 4 short years later in 2006.

Bankruptcy and Back to Millionaire

Unfortunately, when the great recession hit they were wiped out and had to file bankruptcy in 2010. Starting out again with nothing but a couple of rental homes that the bankruptcy court didn’t even want at the time, he took the lessons he learned from the crash and went back to work investing in real estate rebuilding what they had lost. However, this time he invested in a way to ensure success regardless of the economy and today they are enjoying the rewards of that.

A Goal to Pass on Proven Experience

Overall Greg has been involved in some way with over 1,000 real estate transactions. He has wholesaled dozens of homes, rehabbed/flipped hundreds of homes, many other creative techniques, but most importantly created a nice passive income from his rentals that he still self manages today.

Greg has always had a passion to help others and has helped many people get started investing in real estate and has helped many take their real estate investing to the next level. At the same time, having lost his children and having crossed over the big 50, he was searching for his ‘Legacy’. Combining his passion to help others with his desire to leave a legacy Greg now has the vision to help 1 million people in real estate.

“Before he even finished high school, Greg Slaughter knew he would have a career in real estate”

Think Realty Magazine, February 2021 Cover Story On Greg & Kim

Read full article here:

“Greg took a lot of his corporate training, ideas, philosophy, culture, and applied that into his real estate business”

Featured on the ‘Money Is Show”, 2020

Learn From Experience

  • 21

    successful years

  • 150+

    rentals self-managed

  • 1,000+

    real estate transactions

With More Than 1,000 Transactions Under His Belt Greg Knows Real Estate Inside-and-Out. Here Are Before/After Pictures On Some Of His Rehabs

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