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Are you thinking of becoming a new landlord but scared because of the stories you have heard dealing with tenants and toilets? Or worse, are you currently a landlord and living those horror stories now?

Guess what- I did too! I quickly had enough though and knew there had to be a better way!

So I took my 19 years of experience with McDonald’s cooperation and applied those concepts to managing my rentals. Now after 20+ years of creating, designing, and testing systems & processes I believe we have ‘McDonaldized’ self managing rentals.

Managing tenants and toilets does not have to suck! If you do so like a business and apply these proven systems whether you manage 1 rental or 100+ rentals you can get the results you desire.

Everything you need to know is right here. Simply implement the systems below to eliminate headaches and maximize profits!

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Greg has always had a passion to help others and has helped many people get started investing in real estate and has helped many take their real estate investing to the next level. At the same time, having lost his children and having crossed over the big 50, he was searching for his ‘Legacy’. Combining his passion to help others with his desire to leave a legacy Greg now has the vision to help 1 million people in real estate.

Greg has developed fine-tuned systems and processes that enable him to manage over 150 rentals at present. If you’re struggling with managing your rental properties, or even a single rental unit, this is the education for you.

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